The Mt. Aconcagua is the center and main motive of the Aconcagua Provincial Park , one of the most spectacular protected areas of the Republic of Argentina . The 71000 hectares are located in the Province of Mendoza , a few kilometers East of the borderline with the Republic of Chile . All its waters flow towards the interior of Mendoza , through the Horcones, Vacas and Cuevas river basins.
The Aconcagua is the highest mountain of the Southern and Occidental Hemisphere and the highest peak of the American Continent. It is one of the icons of the appraised Seven Summit circuit. It is also important for introducing yourself to high altitude, due to its elevations, geographical and climatic conditions, it constitutes the ideal stage for moderate demands, also to prepare yourself for one of the most important athletic feats the 8000 m peaks of the Himalaya demand.
The “Colossus of America” is the goal of climbers of all latitudes and the athletic aspiration of thousands of annual lvisitors, who cherish this unique and exclusive experience, the one this magnificent mountain offers.