The Natural Renewable Resources Direction (DRNR) of the Government of Mendoza, manages the Provincial Aconcagua Park and spents the visitors permits.

Park Rangers

The Park Ranger Service of Aconcagua Park started their service in 1990 with the objective of controlling the Protected Area and assisting the mountaineers who enter year after year with the intention of realizing mountaineering activities, recreation or trekking. Their number and training have been increasing in accordance with the sustained increase in the quantity of visitors, assuring that they receive better attention.
The Park Ranger Service operates in all of the base camps of the Park and controls the accesses to them, and has the responsibility of maintaining order, cleanliness, control of the camps (security), assistance and information for the visitors; act as the controller of the Service Loaners, and is invested with the power of the police, which allows them to maintain order between the visitors.
In the same way, they have the responsibility of coordinating the evacuation of accident victims, in collaboration with the Medical Service and the Rescue Patrol of the Police of Mendoza.
In order to prevent emergencies, they realize these responsibilities with quality equipment and a modern communication system which allows them to maintain radial coverage of the whole park using VHF.
The Headquarters of the Park is located in Horcones, and from there the action of the various camps is coordinated; Mule Plaza (Plaza de las Mulas) and Confluencia through Quebrada de Horcones; and Punta de Vacas and Pampa de Leñas and Plaza Argentina though Quebrada del Rio Vacas.
The Parkranger patrol realizes the control of the permits for Park entrance through the posts in Horcones and Punta de Vacas, which should be acquired in the city of Mendoza. They are also in charge of evacuation control of the residuals that the sport produces, with the end of conserving this natural environment in its best condition for future visitors.
The visitors that suffer an accident or that have a complaint to report against a loaner of services can go to the Park Ranger Service.
In the same way, with the slightest suspect of mountain sickness or other problems, we ask you to quickly inform a park ranger, which will quickly ask for assistance from the Medical Service.

Rescue Patrol

Since the beginning of the Institution, the policemen have developed themselves in inhospitable, wild, and potentially dangerous terrain, keeping in mind the rough geography in which they reside.
The province of Mendoza, privileged in possessing the highest altitudes of the American Continent, shows its idiosyncrasies to its people and converts itself into the focus of attention for the thousands of foreigners that satisfy their multiple expectations there, physical as well as spiritual.
The rescue Patrol interventions are not only involved the descent of the bodies of unfortunate mountaineers, but also the arduous work of the prevention of accidents in the mountains.
The passing of time and the clear technical advances in this sport obliged the Police of Mendoza to quickly perfect their men. Currently, the police force is formed of 15 members.
The name of the Police of Mendoza and of the High Mountain Rescue Team has been seen various times at the peak of Mt. Aconcagua and on other Continental heights, with the help of their own constituents.