INKA EXPEDICIONES is the leading company provider of expeditions and treks in Mt. Aconcagua, with the best logistics infrastructure and the highest success rates.
Our professional guides offer personalized attention and the best guarantee of safety in the Aconcagua.
Focus only on enjoying this lifetime experience and leave the logistical headache in hands of the Aconcagua Specialists.

Aconcagua Leaders

INKA Expeditions is the leader in expeditions and trekkings services in the Mt. Aconcagua.
We are the company with the lowest accident rate and with greater success summit.
Its organization and management is based on 20 years in business, providing logistics services throughout the Aconcagua expedition guided to the summit by various routes of ascent and different types of trekking to base camp.
Our family business structure allows each client is served in a personalized way on their needs, backed by a unique logistics infrastructure in this area.
Our certifications speak of the quality of our services:

  • ISO 9001:2008 certification.
  • Our guides are certified UIAGM, AAGM and EPGAMT.
  • Member of Leave No Trace
  • Awarded by the WSPA for the care of animals.

Our team
In INKA Expeditions we are proud to have the best group of people highly qualified to serve our clients at all stages of expeditions.
INKA guides are the most skilled and experienced at Mt. Aconcagua, which allows a high success rate in the ascent to the summit. These guides are in the environment such as mountaineering and are referred for consultation by all within the Provincial Park Aconcagua.
Together with them we offer personalized attention. Their experience and responsibility are the best guarantee of security on the mountain.
Our structure
INKA Expeditions has different strategic points where company operates:

  • Office in the City of Mendoza
  • Logistics Base Penitentes (2720 m)
  • Camp Confluencia (3390 m)
  • Camp Plaza de Mulas (4350 m)
  • Camp Plaza Argentina (4240 m)

The camps are equipped with geodesic domes that meet different functions: bedroom, kitchen, dining room, internet service and telephony, winebar and relax.
They are the most comprehensive service camps of Aconcagua, which home to all clients of INKA, and are meeting points for trekkers of all the world.
Also INKA Expediciones has high altitude geodesic domes for support rescues at the ascent route to the summit, over 5000 meters.

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