A reliable support for your expedition.

Focus only in enjoy this  lifetime experience and leave the logistics  in the hands of Specialists in Aconcagua.

We own all services in the mountain, like mules, camps, infrastructure and all equipment required to deliver the best and most reliable service for our expeditions. In this way, we make sure to be in every detail of the needs of our customers, without outsourcing to external hands.

We have the best service and support for your expeditions.

Our staff is very experienced and are simultaneously at different points of the mountain, forming an efficient network of support around the mountain.

The best infrastructure in the mountains of our own.

We have the more complete camps in Mt. Aconcagua.

Camps are the meeting, resting, preparation and acclimatization point to face the high camps that take you to the summit.

We have structural domes prepared to endure strong winds, snow and any climatic contingency in the area.