Required equipment list

Light Weight Underwear.
Long Underwear, Tops and bottoms. (Polypropylene or Capilene) cotton blends are not acceptable.
Fleece Jacket: Mid-weight.
Trekking Trousers.
Long sleeve t-shirts
Jacket: Waterproof/ breathable.
Good storm-proof mountain jacket with attached hood. We suggested: Gore-Tex.
Waterproof trousers.
Duvet vest or jacket.
Shorts (optional)
Sun hat: Sun hat with good visor and white bandana for protecting neck.
Head lamp (optional).
Sun glasses.
Beanie (with interior fleece lining)
Synthetic gloves: 1 pair light weight (pile or polypropylene) -inner gloves + fleece gloves-.
Warm Gloves with WindWall fleece at exterior to block winter’s raw winds.
Light hiking boots or trekking shoes.
Wool socks. (3 pairs)
Liner socks. 2 pair of smooth wool, nylon or polypropylene to be worn next to the skin. This reduces the incidence of blisters and hot-spots.
Sandals (footwear to rest, to move confortably through the camp).

Ski poles. One pair of telescopic or collapsible, optional.

Backpack: 75 liters.
Daypack: Optional but recommended.
Sleeping bag: from -10 º C / -20 º C.
Water bottle: Two (2) one-liter water bottle.
Sun screen: SPF 30 minimum.
Lip screen: SPF 30.
Personal first aid kit. Headache pills, injuries kit, personal medication, etc.
Personal Hygiene: Wet towels, soap, etc.
Plastic bags. For pack clothes and keep dry.
Photographic equipment. Optional